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It's easy to find rental car options in Murray, KY when you let help! You can make an online reservation with a Murray, Kentucky rental car agency after you select from a range of rental car companies, vehicle types, and rates. Compare your rental car options in Murray, Kentucky by filling in the form below with your desired dates and other information. Pick the vehicle that's right for you, your passengers and your activities, whether it's a road trip or a business mission.

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 • 20.1 miles of Murray (NW)
 • 1 rental location
 • 21.3 miles of Murray (S)
 • 1 rental location

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Smarter Car Renting

Here are car rental tips from the road trip-seasoned editors of

•  Many States, One Car:If renting a car for a longer road trip, check with the car rental companies in Murray, Kentucky to see if they have policies about crossing state lines that affect the final rate you pay. May be no effect, but don't assume you can crisscross the globe with unlimited mileage impunity. There may be a GPS tracker in the car!

•  Car Types:When selecting a car type, remember it's not just about how cool you'll appear. The car selection page details show an average of how many people and how many pieces of luggage can comfortably fit in each car type. Pay attention to the specifics to be certain they meet your needs before booking.

•  Damaged:Always carefully eyeball your vehicle before leaving the rental agency, whether you're in Murray or East Podunkville. The last renter may have pulled in after a meteor shower! Prior scratches, dents, and other vehicle damage can cause extra headaches and costs if not noted before you leave the rental car lot. If you see any damage on the car's exterior and interior before you leave, make sure it's noted on the rental car papers, and point it out to an agency employee. This will resolve any questions that could arise when you return. And avoid meteor showers.

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Murray Area Attractions
  • Murray-Calloway County Hospital
  • Marshall County Hospital(17.02 miles)
  • Jackson Purchase Medical Center(21.26 miles)
  • Henry County Medical Center(21.42 miles)
  • Mid-Continent College(23.43 miles)
Murray rental guide

The following car rental companies are available in Murray Kentucky

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Average Murray KY rates for Enterprise
  • Compact:   $44.24
  • Economy:   $44.22
  • Full-Size:   $59.03
  • Luxury:   $94.48
  • Mid-Size:   $49.56
  • MiniVan:   $86.23
  • Premium:   $69.47
  • Standard:   $56.91
  • SUV:   $73.48
1900 N 12TH ST STE E
Murray KY US 42071-2034

Are you already happy with the services of a specific rental car company? Then skip the others -- you can use the form above to peruse the vehicle options and rates of one brand if available in Murray, KY. Reminder: enter in your discount or reward number at check-out when you rent your car in Murray, KY.

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