Attractions and Oddities

Frequently Asked Questions

Note: Spot It Out, the company that produced this product for Roadside America, ceased operations of its online store as of October 1, 2013. The product is no longer available.

These FAQs may help current owners of the product:

How does it work?

"Attractions and Oddities" is a collection of Points of Interest selected from Once it's on your GPS device, you will be able to find offbeat places, just like the datasets of gas stations, restaurants, etc. available on GPS devices. On a Garmin nuvi, for example, the Roadside America set will be under Extras > Roadside America. You can see what's nearby, or leave the list constantly refreshing with new close places as you drive. Or you can look up a specific attraction and let your device guide you there. It's easy to use.

Can I set it to alert me when I'm near attractions?

Yes, if your device supports Proximity alerts. On a Garmin nuvi, go to Settings > Proximity Points and turn to "On." Whenever you are within about a mile of an attraction, you should hear an audible chime from your device.

Does it include all the places on the web site and the iPhone App?

Not all. Since the Garmin devices are primarily navigation aids, Attractions and Oddities features only “mapped” attractions and oddities that we determined are likely to be where they’re supposed to be. Our web site includes unmapped places, vague tips and places that no longer exist. This GPS tool is closer to the iPhone App collection of mapped places, and even includes some of the "Research" targets that seem really solid, or we have visited but haven't written about yet.

Please note that many GPS devices, such as the Garmin nuvi, have a built-in limitation to the number of places they will display in a single list. For example, if you go to the Texas list and step through the list screens, it will not go farther than about 50 places. In reality, Attractions and Oddities contains over 360 places in Texas. You can see these either: 1) while you are near a part of Texas revealing the nearest 50 places; 2) You focus the list via categories, for example, to see 50 museums; 3) You can do a text search and it will find places with the keyword you use ("Dallas," "armadillo").

Is Attractions and Oddities the same as your iPhone App?

They are different in many ways, though they share most of the same attractions. Each has its own strengths. We’ve used both together on trips – the iPhone App to select places and see more details via the network, and Attractions and Oddities to get GPS satellite precision to route to a place -- especially useful where cellular coverage is spotty.

After I buy Attractions and Oddities, is it automatically updated?

No. Garmin dedicated GPS devices don’t interact with a live data network like a mobile computer or smart phone. Think of it as more of a routing travel guide or map. Over time, what is most likely to change about an attraction is operating hours and whether it is still in business. Some places are very small, volunteer facilities. If a phone number is provided, call ahead before any significant trip or detour.

Can I make copies for other people or devices?

The purchase of the product is specific to your device. Once it’s on the device, you can move the files to an SD card for backup purposes or to minimize memory consumption on the unit. Please create a folder /Garmin/POI on the SD card before moving the files.