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Frequently Asked Questions

Why aren't pushpins displayed for all tips on roadsideamerica.com?

We've activated over 8,000 map points. We haven't verified the map coordinates for everything yet. We're working through the list, adding new mapped locations every day.

How exact are the attraction positions on the maps?

We try to verify by street address and by examining maps if no coordinates were recorded during an actual visit. Map points are usually, at worst, within a few hundred yards of an attraction. The more suspect ones are labeled "Location Approximate." If the attraction is generalized ("Fruitcake Capital of the World"), the pushpin may just center on the town.

I tried a town and state, and the map page didn't show or list any attractions. What's up with that?

Not every town has a strange tourist attraction that meets our picky criteria. Also, you must correctly spell the town, and match it with the correct state.

How come I can't find maps for attractions on other continents?

This is Roadside America. Almost all of our listings are in the United States, with some in Canada.

Can I do city-to-city or route planning? Can you tuck me in bed?

We now provide a way for you to create and print a recommended route. Use our "My Sights" tool to create your own trip plans.

How can I contribute map coordinates and location info for an attraction?

If you've marked your own waypoints on a road trip, or find ours are seriously off, please submit new data using our Tip Submission form. Provide coordinates in decimal degrees (here is a good converter site).

I'm an attraction owner or private property owner, and I'd prefer you don't show my property location on your maps!

No problem. Just let us know by submitting our Contact Form. Please include an official email address (ex., ted@tedsnakefarm.com) and your business phone number so we can verify your request.

Hey, this takes the mystery out of looking for odd roadside attractions!

That's not a question, but yes, it does make it easier quickly to zero in on targets. You may spend less time wandering lost on back roads, and can fit more stops into a single day. There are plenty of places still to be discovered -- so slow down to chat with locals, and pick the brains of mail carriers and mini-mart cashiers.

RoadsideAmerica.com Attraction Maps| USA Map