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Roadside News: Feb. 26, 2009

Night Vision Stonehenge: A couple of citizens in Flagstaff, Arizona, want the city to approve their plans to build a Starhenge in a local park. “Starhenge would feature massive blocks of chiseled granite up to 21 feet tall,” reports the Arizona Daily Sun, “arranged as both a primitive observatory and a work of art.” The idea of a nocturnal Stonehenge seems worthwhile; after all, some attractions really blossom at night.

Dealey Plaza JFK Death Window Dispute: Two men are going to court to decide who owns the real President Kennedy death window from which Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly shot JFK in Dallas, Texas, in 1963. Caruth Byrd claims that his father surreptitiously swiped the window in early 1964; Aubrey Mayhew claims that Byrd took the wrong window, while he pinched the real one in 1971.

Whoever wins, both windows really should be returned to public view, either at The Sixth Floor museum where they came from, or at this other museum, whose owner would really like to have at least one….

Tub o’ Art: Houston, Texas, one of America’s most accommodating cities for funky public art, has announced that one of its new additions this year will a towering bouquet of eight working bathtubs — named “Tubbs” — that will occupy the traffic circle in front of the local Water Museum. Don’t laugh too much; bathtubs have a place in religious art as well.

Tesla Lab Museum?: Advocates in Shoreham, New York, want to build a museum to supergenius physicist Nikola Tesla on the abandoned site of his last laboratory. Tesla has been enjoying a resurgence in public interest after long obscurity (David Bowie appeared as the enigmatic inventor in the movie The Prestige). The lab property includes a radio tower that goes 120 feet into the ground for some mysterious reason (Tesla said that he could transmit energy through the earth), and has been off-limits since 1987 as a toxic Superfund site. “If we were talking about the last laboratory of Thomas Edison,” said one frustrated supporter to New York Newsday, “people would be all over this.”

Or, if we were all driving glowing coil cars powered by underground Tesla beams, we would’ve visited Tesla’s lab in grade school….

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