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John Adolfi and replica skull of pre-human giant.

New Creationist Museum Buys Cyclops Kitty; Wants More Freaks

John Adolfi is excited about his new Lost World Museum in Phoenix, NY -- and who wouldn't be? He's already got a one-eyed cat for a star attraction, and more good stuff is on the way. And the museum won't even be open for another six months.

The owner of the now-dead cyclops kitten, which was a media sensation back in January, sold it to John because a blogger had written that it was "the icon of atheism," and she didn't like that. John plans to take the pickled feline on tour this summer, and will later make it the centerpiece of his museum.

John describes the Lost World Museum, as "crossing the book of Genesis with Ripley's Believe it or Not! and P.T. Barnum." He plans to open it in early October, in the town of Phoenix, New York.

"Our audience will be the secular, non-church-going community," John says. "We're gonna do things a little more flamboyantly and overtly." John not only wants artifacts and exhibits that disprove evolution, but that also have "a great deal of buzzability." For example, a planned exhibit of a spark plug encased in stone will show "that rock can form quickly, which helps prove the idea that the Grand Canyon was laid within in weeks, months, years, after a worldwide flood -- not millions of years."

A key focus of the Lost World Museum will be giant animals and people. "Adam and Eve were the first giants. They were more than twice as tall as we are today." John wants to have as many big creatures for his museum as possible, which guarantees that its exhibit space will always be jam-packed. "We wanna show the 13-foot-long kangaroos, the five-foot-tall penguins, the eight-foot-long beavers." John already has "a replica of the world's largest baby ever born to giants," and a replica of a thigh bone from a 14-foot-tall man, which "was seen during an excavation during the 1950s in the Middle East and later destroyed,"

And John is on the hunt for more. "Our ultimate goal is to find a 12- to 15-foot-tall human skeleton." This may be difficult, as Robert Wadlow, the world's tallest modern man, didn't even reach nine feet tall.

How does a cyclops kitty fit into this? John says that it shows that mutation is harmful, thus undermining one of the cornerstones of evolution. And it has buzzability. "Cy the one-eyed cat will be our Mickey Mouse."


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