Hawkwind were the first cyberpunks. Even today, this '70s British "space rock" band continues to feed devoted fans a steady diet of Lost-In-Space lyrics, guitar feedback and synth noodling.

The band was founded by Dave Brock and Nik Turner (legendary in our minds as the guy who recorded the flute sections of his 1978 solo album Sphynx in an Egyptian sarcophagus). Brock has been at the core of any Hawkwind lineup over the last 30 years.

D R I V I N G . C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S

We have found that Hawkwind music, while not the most hummable or well-crafted, is ideal for long stretches of hypertouring. Sub-sonics appear to be embedded in every tune (except perhaps, the ballads) that establish a resonance with highway topology and standard car frame vibrations.

The effect is extremely hypnotic, triggering an autonomic state -- hindbrain "cruise control." The fugue typically ends when a trademark explosion finishes the song -- quickly reestablishing normal space-time relationships and saving many lives in the other lane.

We continue the search for other "cruise control" triggers. Similar genre bands -- Gong, Steve Hillage, Camel, Ozric Tentacles -- tend to include too much melody and variety.

A L L E G E D . J E O P A R D Y

In recent years, one of us has insisted that there is a correlation between playing the Hawkwind tapes and being pulled over for speeding by law enforcement officers. Subsequent tests have been inconclusive. We caution against using Hawkwind music strictly for enhancing your driving performance.

D O . N O T . P A N I C .

1998 Strange Daze Festival

Our attempt to see a Hawkwind performance was partly thwarted when a Canadian customs checkpoint stops Dave Brock and another band member from crossing into the US. Surviving Hawkwind members soldier on with the aid of supporting bands. Here's the intro:
1.1mb mono aif

D I S C O G R A P H Y . O F . F A V O R I T E S

Droney, Acid-dazed period -- earlier albums are too much even for us...

Robert Calvert Period -- writer-poet who lent fairly decent vocals to Hawkwind oeuvre and collaborated with many other progressive weirdos.

Post-Calvert Sci-fi Drone -- the band reborn, making astral grind an art form.

Droney acid-hazed techno ambiance -- long, sequenced noodling

Hawkwind's Extended Family: For the desperately addicted...

O T H E R . H A W K W I N D. S I T E S

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