News from the offbeat tourist attraction landscape of Roadside America. Sightings Vol. 9, No 2 July 2013

Uncle Sam, Bad Driver

Whatever you do, don't let Uncle Sam get behind the wheel. He's well-meaning but distracted. His spangled hat is too tight. His face flakes from sun exposure. Other drivers honk as he toddles across the line and off the shoulder; he's hard of hearing and too stubborn to care.

No, you do the driving, and let Uncle Sam enjoy the ride. Take him to a patriotic landmark, a barbecue, a fireworks show. Give him a little flag to wave. That's a nice Fourth of July for you and your Uncle Sam.


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Crack the windows a bit for Sam while you marvel at bizarre new discoveries and vital updates on old favorites. A new Stonehenge, an atheist monument, unusual sculptures, graves, and buildings...Latest Tips.

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Vollis Simpson (1919-2013)

Vollis Simpson.Farewell to folk artist Vollis Simpson, a Lucama, NC phenomenom, though known internationally for his large and imaginative whirligigs. He passed away at the end of May.

Vollis gone, but his art whirls on


Waving the little American flag,
The Team


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Main image: Uncle Sam toy bank, Kidd's Toy Museum, Portland OR; and American flag with buttons, Harold Warp's Pioneer Village, Minden, NE.