News from the offbeat tourist attraction landscape of Roadside America. Sightings Vol. 9, No. 4 August 20, 2013

Your Third Wish

I am a magic genie! I hold a heavy roll of carpet above my head. So far I have granted you two wishes. First, you wished for a summer filled with vacation discoveries beyond imagination!

This I have given you.

Second, you wished for another Sightings newsletter, to remind you that there is yet time for a road trip worthy of the highway sheiks of days gone by!

Have I not also granted this wish? Yes!

Now, you must hasten to make your third and final wish. I have held up this burdensome rug for long enough. My arms grow weary. And do not get me started about my brachial plexus...

Wait, did you just wish that I would shut up about the rug?

Hah! I shall. And that is your third and final wish!

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Spotted by Tipsters

In this issue we continue highlighting new discoveries by sharp-eyed tipsters:

Swimming Pool Shark.Twila U. discovered a fine new addition to our Shark Map in landlocked Sheridan, Wyoming. The Swimming Pool Shark, painted on the bottom of a vintage motel pool, is just cartoony enough to make it extra-terrifying.

UFO Beam.Sharks aren't the only things that attack. Exhibit A (for aliens) is the Police Car Attacked by a UFO, found by BS Meyer in Warren, Minnesota. It's been preserved with all of its mysterious cracks and scars intact, inviting the scrutiny of all flying saucer sleuths.

Saint.Somehow evading the relentless maw of time is the Arm of St. Valerie, which tipster Caitlin visited in Thibodaux, Louisiana. Saintly appendages are rare American attractions, and St. Valerie's limb has been a Roman Catholic must-see since the second century.

Check out more discoveries in the very Latest Tips.


Field Fresh

Perhaps you will savor these as much as we did:


Tourism News

Zuverman.Zuverman, the World's Largest Bodybuilder, was successfully unveiled on his new Pennsylvania pedestal on August 15. Zuverman used to be the Giant in a Gym in Portland, Oregon. In April we spoke with the big man's new caretaker, Rick Tsai.

Jerry Chubbuck.RIP, Jerry Chubbuck (1930-2013), who served as passionate tour guide, curator and owner at the Wonder Tower near I-70 in eastern Colorado since 1967. No word yet on the fate of the Tower, but we hope some new Jerry steps forward to carry on what C.W. Gregory built in 1926.

Sugar Flat Creature.Its lease having expired, the Head of the Sugar Flat Road Creature is no longer on display in Chattanooga, Tennessee. However, its now-former exhibitor Amy Petulla made a hologram of the head, so at least you can see that. The real head vanished again; we're trying to track it down.

Get more info about these and other breaking news stories on the Roadside America Twitter feed.


Gone But Not Forgotten

Walk Thru Heart.The Walk Thru Heart (1954-2009) at the Museum of Science and Industry made way for a new hi-tech ticker -- but with no walk-through. Generations of Chicagoans fondly remember exploring the old organ.


Road Tools and Tips

Lens care.Are Your Smartphone Photos Fuzzy? We've noticed that attraction photos submitted by mobile tipsters are sometimes fuzzy, with light diffusing around statues, etc. If your photos come out a bit fogged, your lens may have dirt or a fingerprint on it. Breathe a little moisture onto the lens, then lightly wipe with a microfiber cloth.

iPhone App User Tip: How can you tell if an oddball attraction is on the road ahead or behind you? It's easy. In the Near Me view, tap the map icon in the upper right. A blue dot shows your map position, with attraction pins around you. Tap a pin you are moving toward to see its label. Here's more on detecting attractions.


Carpet diem,
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Main image: Carpeteria Genie at the American Sign Museum, Cincinnati, Ohio