News from the offbeat tourist attraction landscape of Roadside America. Sightings Vol. 9, No. 5 September 4, 2013

America's Scrappy Workforce

Back to work. But on your next coffee break, enjoy our newest map of roadside wonders -- where gigantism, recycling, and love of the laboring class combine to give us towering, clanky metal men and women, made from the jetsam of industry.

America's Scrappy Workforce


Spotted by Tipsters

We shine our hand-cranked emergency lamp on some of the more stunning new discoveries by observant tipsters:

One Arm Dove HuntTwo thumbs up -- or in this case one thumb -- to Gene Hanneke, for finding the unique One Arm Dove Hunt Mural of Olney, Texas.

Taxidermy Coop.Tipster Kendra sent us photo-proof of the Taxidermy Chicken Coop in Nebraska City, Nebraska, a crazy variation on the usual stuffed animal diorama.

Zero K.At the bottom of the Soudan Mine in Minnesota, Robbie Williams found a Dark Matter experiment that's currently creating the Coldest Continuous Spot in the Universe.

Check out more discoveries in the very Latest Tips.


Tourism News

Eyeball.Tony Tasset's 30-foot-tall bloodshot eyeball -- it's art -- has moved yet again, from its original spot in a Chicago park, to its birthing yard in Sparta, Wisconsin, to a vacant lot in downtown Dallas. No word yet on where it will turn up next; blink and you might miss it.

Leaning Tower.The Leaning Tower is in need of repair -- have you heard that news before? This time it's The Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois. Its precarious structure only makes it more inviting as a tourist attraction, though perhaps not to lean against.

Triumph of Civic Virtue.Caveman vs. mermaids: the non-virtuous story of the Triumph of Civic Virtue has come to a close with the controversial statue's almost-certain final move to a cemetery in Brooklyn, New York. They've cleaned it up and the caveman is looking better than he has in years.

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Road Tools and Tips

Every Place on the Web Site: Some years ago we created "state index" pages, but didn't make a big deal of it. They list every attraction on the website -- mapped, not mapped, closed, etc. A-to-Z towns by state/province. Examples:

Arizona | Georgia | New York | Texas | Ontario

Search State Indexes.It can be handy, and here's an easy way to jump to them. In the top right search bar, select any state or province, leave other fields blank, click "Search."


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Main image: Duct Man, Cincinnati, Ohio