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Sightings Vol. 9, No. 9 December 18, 2013

At Sightings we want to get you excited about what's up at This might be a good time — Auld Lang Syne and all that — to share what we will and won't do to elevate your opinion of us.

For example, we would almost never ding your intelligence with a screaming, misleading headline such as "THE SWEETEST TRAVEL DESTINATION EVER" about Hershey's Chocolate Factory Tour. And we'd have to be pretty low on the ethical totem pole to call attention, out of context, to the NAKED BODIES mentioned elsewhere in this newsletter, or to try to deceive you with a sensational reference to the "DEATH SITE OF BONNIE AND CLYDE" when, in fact, its presence here is not nearly as lurid as that treatment might suggest.

Did we mention we won't be mentioning the NAKED BODIES yet? Oh, of course, yes, there it is in the previous paragraph.

So, anyway, straight talk, no humbug. Happy holidays from all of us at, and please don't drive over THE DEAD DOROTHY FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ in your rush to get home.


Spotted by Tipsters

White Squirrels.A clan of rare white squirrels -- Earth's most lovable rodent mutation -- has been ferreted out by Charlotte Briones, who found them frolicking at the seaside in Dana Point, California

Sun Tunnels.Candace S. drove to an especially empty part of Utah to track down the artsy Sun Tunnels. They've been quietly basking since 1976.

Bloomington, Illinois.Doug Dirr put Bloomington, Illinois on the map -- at least, our map. He submitted multiple worthy tips for this detour-worthy town. It's where you'll find the tombstone of Dorothy, namesake of the Wizard of Oz character.

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Field Fresh

Too busy for roadsiding during the holiday rush? No problem; we're dashing through the snow for you.


Tourism News

VelveteriaAfter disappearing from Portland, Oregon, in 2009, Velveteria, the Museum of Velvet Art, has reappeared in an old Chinese restaurant in downtown LA, with more velvet unicorns and naked bodies than ever.

FlowerWe bid farewell to The Flower Man, who for years was our favorite folk-art visionary in Houston. "I had this vision and it was just junk. You know, like a whirlwind goin' round and round? Pretty, pretty, pretty!"

Mima Mound.In Littlerock, Washington, the mysterious Mima Mounds have baffled everyone for centuries. Now a California geologist says he's created a computer model that proves that the mounds were made by -- hyperactive gophers.

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Enjoy your holidays with the Yesteryear Ski Family!
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