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Sightings Vol. 10, No. 1 January 24, 2014

The Big and the Crazy...

That's what grabs our attention. Texas artist Bob "Daddy-O" Wade feels the same way — or at least partly the same way — which is why we've profiled some of his roadside work. While there are his more famous creations, such as the Lone Star Iguana and World's Largest Cowboy Boots, he has also given the world lesser-known masterpieces such as La Salsa Man and Junk Yard Dog.

Daddy-O's art is in prestigious galleries and on the private ranches of the superrich. But his first love has always been the classic roadside attraction.

The Roadside Art of Daddy-O


Spotted by Tipsters

Restroom Cafe.The Magic Restroom Cafe is a first-of-its-kind import from the Far East, a restaurant where you sit on a toilet while eating out of another toilet. Tipster Andrew dined there in City of Industry, California, and judged the food "surprisingly better than expected."

Breaking Bad grave.Few TV shows have had such a strong sense of place as Breaking Bad had with Albuquerque, New Mexico. The series is over and protagonist Walter White is dead, but tipster tjseviltwin tracked down the meth king's tombstone.

West Rutland, Vermont.Tipster Tyler Salls came across a Locomotive Made of Junk, in snowy West Rutland, Vermont. Tyler did what comes naturally to us all: stopped the car and snapped a picture.

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Tourism News

Marvin CarrRIP Marvin Carr, owner of the One-of-a-Kind Museum in Spokane, Washington. He was 86 and a fixture at his museum until the end. Marvin's unique collection, including his squirrel dioramas and animated frog band, will be auctioned on January 25.

Halfwit.America's latest Muffler Madman, Bruce Kennedy of Hayward, California, has acquired his fourth Muffler Man fiberglass giant in the past 12 months, the Happy Halfwit formerly of Flint, Michigan. It will soon join its brethren outside Bruce's business.

Coming in 2014.As 2014 rolled in, we looked over our running list of promised attraction openings. We expect at least some to soon be operational for your road trip enjoyment.

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Main image: Bob "Daddy-O" Wade surfs through the 1970s on the back of his giant iguana statue.