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Sightings Vol. 12, No. 8 - December 9, 2016

When Japan Bombed Oregon

Wednesday was the 75th anniversary of the Imperial Japanese Navy's surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. But what about Japan's other sneak attack on America -- the one that didn't live in infamy? In Brookings, Oregon you can visit the remote spot where a Japanese incendiary bomb landed, and see the pilot's samurai sword in the public library. Two nations at war, two obscure Roadside America sights, and a heartwarming resolution...

Samurai Sword of the Pilot Who Bombed Oregon


Dinosaur Kingdom II

Dinosaur Kingdom II

From the guy who gave the world Foamhenge comes a dinosaur park like no other, with Civil War soldiers, a mad scientist, a time machine, lasso-flinging Abraham Lincoln, a lost buried treasure, and Confederate general Stonewall Jackson with a 15-foot-long robotic arm. Story


McCubbin's Transformers

McCubbin's Transformerse.

Mike McCubbin found himself the unhappy owner of a substandard 22-foot-tall Optimus Prime and 20-foot-tall Bumblebee. He rolled up his sleeves, put his auto body shop skills to work, and built the most battle-worthy autobots this side of Oklahoma. Story


Oz Museum

Oz Museum.

The world's largest permanent public display of Wizard of Oz-abilia is in a little town in Kansas, as it should be. See an original Flying Monkey, hand- and footprints of Munchkins, several pairs of Ruby Slippers, and an unopened jar of Oz Peanut Butter. Story


Junior Banks' Fortress of Faith

Junior Banks' Fortress of Faith.

Junior Banks once ran for President of the U.S., but he's more proud of the castle he built all by himself. Junior says that God has chosen it as his earthly abode for the Second Coming, and he wants you to visit it before the world ends. Story


Gettysburg Museum of History

Gettysburg Museum of History

It's history! Not necessarily Gettysburg history, but... chill, okay? Marilyn Monroe's bra. JFK's boxer shorts, and an x-ray of Hitler's head. Curator Erik Dorr calls his place 'the punk rock of history museums." It doesn't shy away from edgy exhibits. Story


City Pages: Local Travel Hotspots

City Pages.

We've created pages and maps to make it easier to find our stories on the best attractions in and around metropolitan areas. Favorite Quirky City Sights links are in the right column of state pages (not all cities; we'll add more in the future).

Roswell, New Mexico: Face your abduction anxieties in the world's most famous saucer crash town. Visit the UFO Museum, dare to pose with little green men wearing "Illegal Alien" t-shirts.

St. Augustine, Florida: The first tourists arrived searching for the Fountain of Youth, drank too much, turned into babies, then rolled down the embankment into the alligator swamp.


Trunkations: The Roadside Blog

Video: Freedom highway.

We say farewell to the Button King (buried in one of his button coffins). We also note the passing of the Father of the Big Mac (not buried in a giant clamshell styrofoam container).

A weird pyramid out in the Wyoming sagebrush is now a National Landmark.

The Famous One Log House looks to branch out its offerings -- with pot. Spiderwebman's shop burns down but he vows to spin again!

Check out the latest Trunkations posts.


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Spotted by Tipsters

Spotted by Tipsters

We're running out of pins. Many new attractions deemed worthy, updates from World's Largest this and that, and in some cases just proof something hasn't collapsed on itself. Or has.

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