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Sightings Vol. 13, No. 3 - April 5, 2017

Elvis - No Need For A Head

We've noted before how Elvis Presley is one of those rare stars instantly recognizable even without his head. While other attractively capitated celebs fade from our collective memory and tour routes, Elvis shines on as a rhinestone-bejeweled attraction, especially at recently expanded Graceland. Story


Route 66 Collision: East Meets West

Route 66: East Meets West

A motor car and a horse-drawn wagon are part of Tulsa's elaborate sculptural tribute to Cyrus Avery, "The Father of Route 66." Story


America's Most Artistic Giant Toilet

America's Most Artistic Giant Toilet.

The most visually entertaining giant crapper in the USA. Its building is shaped like a toilet tank, the benches in front are curved like a toilet seat, and the sidewalk undulates like an unspooled toilet roll -- and it's splattered with folk-art creativity inside and out. Story


Centaur of Tennessee

Centaur of Tennessee.

Check out the "best preserved and most complete centaurian specimen yet found." Half-human, half-horse, and still half-buried in its excavation, now within an impressive showcase in the main library of the University of Tennessee. Story


Museum of Physical Security

Museum of Physical Security.

In a time when security seems one dumb password away from disaster, here's a World's Largest Lock Collection that will almost certainly never be stolen. See how much effort and expense has gone into keeping everyone away from your stuff. Story


Evil Doll: Inspiration for Chucky

Inspiration for Chucky.

Robert the Doll, over 100 years old, has a well-documented history of terrifying people. Visitors are advised to ask his permission before they take his picture, and thank him afterward, or bad things may happen. Story


National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Cape Blanco.

Bone saws, battlefield wounds, and predatory embalmers for the many times that medicine didn't help. Even if you’re not afraid of this museum’s mummified human arm, you might be alarmed by its ghosts. Story


Video: Coyote's Flying Saucer Retrieval and Repair Service

UFO repairman Coyote describes his "undereducated guesses" and "hopeful wishes of what I think or hope is going on" at his roadside flying saucer service shop. A philosophical close encounter, courtesy of filmmaker Andrew Norbeck.

Coyote's Flying Saucer Retrieval and Repair Service.

Watch the video


Trunkations: The Roadside Blog

Potato Museum.

No one wants to be treated like trash -- or do they? A new thrill ride in New Jersey promises, "You’re getting dumped."

If you planned on visiting the Canadian Potato Museum, good luck. It's on Prince Edward Island, which has vanished from some Canadian maps.

The party’s over on a Pennsylvania post-apocalyptic highway, as thrill-seekers failed to get the message that driving on a road that's on fire is uncool.

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The Team

Spotted by Tipsters

Spotted by Tipsters

Pin shortage! Many new attractions deemed worthy, updates from World's Largest this and that, and a heads-up on a recently spotted Muffler Man hiding in the woods of a summer camp.

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