Coco du Bullet Nut Galleria Coco du Bullet
Words and art by Elizabeth Tashjian (The "Nut Lady")
Nobody Ever thinks So Beautiful Take Nuts Home Handle Nuts Properly New Taste
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Panel I

"O Nobody Ever Thinks About Nuts"

Horse Chestnut in opening stage sheds tear. Face with red-rimmed eyes and nose are effects of crying magnified mouth lets out the reason why, via nut notes and words.

A cashew quote mark in the upper left corner opens the series of five panels keys with the mood.

Panel II

"Nuts can be so beautiful if looked aright"

Strains running through the head of a partial human face. Eyes dominate. On the left, is the painting of a sweet buck eye -- on the right, is the eye of love sculpt from foam rubber and having a heart-shaped pupil.

If you look at a person through the eyes of love - they look aright, is the conveyed message.

Panel III

"Take Nuts Home"

Crossing the threshold of an open door into a warm spot -- are a real pair of red bedrooom slippers, and a painting of a Coco-de-Mer, a nut resembling the human anatomy. The twosome whimsically denote the two kinds of nuts created by nature -- the ones that grow on trees, and the ones that don't.

Whose home is offering them hospitality? Perhaps the female reflected on the paned glass door which occupies the left half of the picture. A giant key on the other side enhances the welcoming theme.

Panel IV

"Handle Nuts Properly Artistically"

Nut Visionary gives a hand to Nuthead -- a foam rubber sculpture modelling ideas big ceramic mouth holding a silver spoon makes a statement, namely, to be brought up with a silver spoon in one's mouth, or spoon fed handles nuts properly flower tucked in the eye opening of sculpture alludes to handling nuts artistically.

Panel V

"And Feel A New Taste Being Born"

Lo, more of the whimsical touch of the nut visionary.

Jovial hazelnut shows a tongue stuck out from its human-like mouth about to taste or kiss the wigged hair of Miss Coconut. Look too for a profile shaped by the pointed end of the hazelnut. The cashew quote marks -- now with opened eyes, close the series of panels crusading for compassion. The united nuts can bring peace.

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