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Internut Yet:
While Elizabeth contributed much material for our Nut Lady's Home Page, she was "offline" for the most part. She visited a local library to see her Nut Museum on the web for the first time. Although the library computer lacked a sound card, she is pleased that her songs are a part of the site. "I was once asked to sing 'Nuts Are Beautiful' to a group of senior citizens," she recalls. "Half the people walked out before the first stanza was over."

Nut Lady Media Watch

Was she Nut Lady, or Nut Visionary? How about Nut Missionary, Nut Activist, Nut Evangelist? Elizabeth was "experimenting" with alternative names for her unique station in popular culture, to stay fresh and perhaps provide new appeal to Jay and Dave and the talk shows.

Elizabeth spoke about acceptance of her title and philosophy by the world...

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October 6, 1998: The Nut Lady appeared on Howard Stern's radio show, where Howard and his peanut gallery hammered away at the oh-so-hilarious notion of "nuts" and "nut sacks." Elizabeth was nonplussed...

In 1997, the Nut Lady noted that these appearances on nationwide television were only a few highlights:

  • 1993: Chevy Chase ("he kissed my hand twice")
  • 1994: Good Morning America
  • 1995: CBS This Morning and Talk Soup
"And don't forget to mention Johnny Carson's home video volume II."

In the late-1990s, ever mindful of her media image, Elizabeth has renovated to be ready for the cameras. "They're plastering around the crystal chandeliers right now," she says "I was on live radio with South Dakota three days ago," she volunteers, unprompted. "And Nebraska the week before that."

Screen Veteran

Elizabeth worked the TV talk show circuit and knew the pitfalls, as she told us: "I'm on a par with the stars. It's like being a politician; you have to eat a lot of frankfurters to get a vote."


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