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Here's what a few Nut Fans have had to say:

"I appreciate your efforts to aid the understanding of this mysterious seed/fruit by the unenlightened public. Nuts are spiffy. They make people happy. And birds too -- I am an aviary worker and I can say the Mexican red headed amazon parrots certainly know how to appreciate walnuts."
[Mark3233, 8/9/97]

"Hi Nut Lady!!! When I was born, the first thing my mom said was 'He looks just like a peanut!!' At this moment I received my nickname -- 'Peanut.' That's the name I've gone by all my life -- almost nobody calls me by my real name, Dan. Most of the time people call me 'Pea' for short, and I use this name professionally.

Anyway, I was wondering if you had any words of wisdom concerning the philosophical nature of the peanut that may serve as some kind of insight to my inner being? Thank you thank you!!!"
[Pea Hicks, 10/6/96]

Dear Lady:
I am happy to find a woman with a wonderful sense of humor, wit and intelligence. I too have a special nut connection. Being born on January 5, 1943...a date you'll probably recognize (the day George Washington Carver died) I have always felt I was that man reincarnated (especially since I always disliked peanuts..i felt he [I] had had enough of peanuts in that previous life.) But as I aged and grew to understand the essence of the nut (the perfect food) I also began to develop a taste for the peanut (I have always loved other more exotic nuts...particularly BRAZIL NUTS and PECANS).

I have always been annoyed when someone says "NUTS to you"...that is not a is a compliment. [Lucille, 4/7/97]

Dear Nut Lady, I agree with you, nuts are the greatest things created ever. Keep doing what you do! [Laurie Friedman, 5/22/98]

I am a Brazilian living in the US. I just watched your interview on TV and visited your website. Congratulations for such a beautiful work. I wonder if nuts those sizes can be found in Brazil. I hope to be able to visit your museum one day! Thank you so much for those sweet moments on TV. [Regina Garcia, 11/10/98]

Just when I thought I'd seen it all...a discovery worth every precious moment! This year my travels took me through the small New England hidaway of Old Lyme, CT. and whom should I discover, but Ms. Elizabeth Tashjian, a true visionary and artiste extraordinaire! If you like to get off the beaten track, you have got to stop by for a visit with Ms. Tashjian. This lovely lady, emersed in the culture of "nutdom," welcomed my two travel companions and I as we were swept away into her world of paintings & drawings, nut carvings, sculptures, and the piece de resistance, her nut collection. Every item had a story and Ms. Elizabeth was a gem. Both entertaining and informative, our journey through her eyes has truely earned her the title of "Nut Visionary." We literally spent hours with this sweet lady, sharing our "nut" experiences, not knowing who enjoyed the visit more, Ms. Tashjian or us. When it was finally time to break away, Ms. Tashjian said, "no pictures, ladies, the memories will remain as pictures in your mind!" And that they will! [Nanci Van Rooy, 4/27/99]

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