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Sightings Vol. 14, No. 1 - January 25, 2018

Noah's Ark Saved The Dinosaurs, Amused The Mermaids

The experts who run Kentucky's full-size Noah's Ark say that dozens of dinosaurs were sheltered in the enormous boat -- but not a single mermaid. Mermaids nonetheless thrived, apparently in the turbulent post-Deluge seas, and can be found today performing underwater backflips at Florida's Weeki Wachee. Their survival shouldn't be surprising; these glamorous sirens are not only graceful, but Mermaid Strong. According to our insider mermaid source, most humans couldn't pass a strenuous Weeki Wachee mermaid job audition, including Noah, and he built his giant Ark when he was 600 years old.

Noah's Ark

Weeki Wachee


Lair of the BunnyPeople

Intel Museum.

The free Intel Museum is part of any Silicon Valley pilgrimage. Take a break from hacker worries and enjoy looking at silicon chips under glass, spelling your name in binary code, and posing as a clean room BunnyPerson™. Story


Ghost Deer and Atom Bombs

Ghost Deer and Atom Bombs.

The world's largest known population of ghostly white deer have survived for nearly 70 years inside a former off-limits nuclear weapons depot. Bus tours now take visitors to see the deer. They are not radioactive. Story


Charles Kellogg's Travel Log

Charles Kellogg's Travel Log.

On display in the heartwood of America's big tree country is a fully restored hollowed-out redwood RV built by an early tree-hugger, and then driven around the USA a hundred years ago. Story




A giant mechanical head, 15 feet high, built out of nearly two tons of metal. You can ponder the mechanics of the creative mind by turning a hand crank that makes Gearhead's gears move. Story


Interstate Muffler Man

Interstate Muffler Man.

Big Chief is an icon of the Seneca Nation Reservation and its Big Indian Smoke Shop, as well as a familiar sight along the New York State Thruway. His peculiar palm-up salute may have once held a big beer bottle. Story


Collectors Museum

Collectors Museum.

A museum owned by a married couple in Idaho displays 125 of their themed collections, which range from Barbies to bullets, babies to bears, Avon bottles, and "all of the classy Presidents." Story


Coach of the Leg Lamps

Coach of the Leg Lamps.

Indianapolis tribute to basketball coach John Wooden shows him crouched in a huddle, surrounded by five pairs of human legs. You're supposed to notice Wooden, but all everyone sees are the body parts. Story


Big Island Bees

Big Island Bees.

125 million bees! Invade their personal space during the live hive demonstration (behind bee-proof screens) and honey extraction on video to protect you from bees who never mellow out, even in Hawaii. Story


In the Lap of Crime

In the Lap of Crime.

Life-size bronze version of a famous Wild West photo of Butch Cassidy, The Sundance Kid, and several members of their outlaw gang. Designed with selfie-snappers in mind, who can plop into the outlaw laps. Story


Trunkations: Imperialist in the Crosshairs

Imperialist in the Crosshairs.

Don't be fooled by his festive wreath; the President McKinley bronze in northern California may be the next tarnished icon toppled in America's statue purge. Story


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The Mer-Team

Spotted by Tipsters

Spotted by Tipsters

Punctured with precious Points of Interest, our map welcomes Buddy Holly's Tour Bus of Doom, encountered by tipster Queen Becky in a parking lot.

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Main image: Our irresponsible fusion of Noah's Ark and the lovely mermaids of Weeki Wachee.