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Who knew a bunch of guys with powdered wigs and nuclear arsenals could be this entertaining?

Apotheosis: Abe and George.From the travel experts at Roadside America, this road trip-ready app is a guide to Presidential landmarks like you've never seen before. Sure, there are the historical libraries and birthplaces, but also the quirky museums, obscure statues, and colorful folk art tributes to the nation's procession of Commanders in Chief. Hit the road with Roadside Presidents™ and see what's nearby, browse by city or by President, save your favorites.

Never miss another Millard Fillmore historical marker! Put it on your iPhone and iPad.

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"Makes it easy to find over 1,300 POTUS-related attractions, from the standard (George Washington's boyhood home in Fredericksburg, Va.) to the offbeat." (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 14, 2014)

Plan your own Trail to the Chiefs

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Roadside Presidents arms you with maps, directions, hours, phone numbers and helpful visitor tips.

Explore over 1,300+ places (most not on RoadsideAmerica.com):

Read profiles of each President -- from George Washington to Barack Obama -- what they did and how they aided or injured your inalienable Right to Road Trips!

Amazing Arcana of the Presidents

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Bone up on fun trivia -- educational, and a great icebreaker at a gathering of the Spotted Owl Preservation League, or to pass the time while sitting in your Apocalypse Tax Bunker.

Q: "Which President had the biggest feet?"

A: "That's easy...Warren Harding, size 14!"

The Roadside America team has spent decades visiting and investigating weird and woolly wonders on the nation's backroads. Combined with "normal" Presidential landmarks, Roadside Presidents is stuffed like a late night ballot box with crimes and triumphs, heroes and villains.

Note: Presidential landmarks are concentrated in the East and Midwest, but every state has something.

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Roadside Presidents: Convenient Features

  • Been There! - Mark all the Roadside Presidents places you've ever visited
  • Profiles on every President
  • Amazing Arcana: Odd trivia and fun facts
  • Call attractions - just tap on the phone number
  • Save directions to places for offline use
  • New places updated straight to your device
  • View attraction images -- historical and tipster snapshots
  • Presidents Quest: Ah, the innocent days of 2016, and our starry-eyed road trip campaign for Presidential offbeat attractions.