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Sample Screen Views

To give you a feel for what Roadside Presidents 1.35 and higher (iOS 7) includes and how it works, behold these sample views:

Near Me MapNear Me List View.

Near Me

The Near Me tab displays close-by attractions -- either all that are within 25 miles, or the first 25 at any distance. Toggle the List List icon or Map Map icon. on the upper right. If you change location, give the phone a gentle shake to reload with the new proximity calculated. Pull-to-Refresh: You can also reload by pulling the top of the list.

You can set a different location to see what's around. In the List view, use the address text box to search by address, city, and/or postal code. In the Map view drag the map to a new area and tap-and-hold to drop a pin. To return to your actual location, tap the Arrowhead icon. Arrowhead

If you change location, you can reload POIs by giving the phone a shake. Pull-to-Refresh: You can also reload by pulling the top of the list.

Map view.

Map View

Any attraction can be found on a map view in Near Me, Cities, etc. You can zoom out or in using standard iPhone app finger and thumb taps and gestures.

Tap the (i) icon Information to see the attraction Detail view, or the route icon Plot route. to plot a route in the Map App, Google Maps, or other select map apps.


Detail View Attraction Details

Every attraction has a Detail View, where you'll find a description, address, directions, and photos, stories, and tips if available. From here you can go to map a route to the attraction, or save the attraction to your Saved or Been There List. You can snap a photo within the app and submit it to RoadsideAmerica.com along with a tip for consideration to add to the app.

Been There! Use this checkbox to mark any attractions you've ever visited, and add them to a personal tally of sights.

City SearchSearch


Use the Search tab to do a text query for a particular attraction or place. Search will offer hints of what's in the collection. There's also a"hidden" search field in some list views that you can pull down and use to search. If you have permitted the app to know what your current location is, each attraction will show the distance in mileage.

Gallery Galleries

Attractions with photos (either historical or more recent) will display them in the Gallery, which you can get to by tapping the thumbnail photo in the Detail view or the Photos button in the bottom nav bar.



President Profiles

Each President is described in a short profile. The "Arcana" button will display fascinating trivia about the President. The "Attractions" button will show a list of sights related to the President.

List of Presidents. Amazing Arcana

Our selection of entertaining but mostly useless tidbits about each President.


Submit Tip. Submit New Places and Photos

You can submit tips and photos to us directly from the App. We'll consider adding appropriate places to the collection. In the Submit Tip form, you can shoot a new photo, or select one from your device library (make sure it's your own shot so we have your permission to use it).


More More Menu

The More Menu provides access to your lists: Saved, Been There, and a History of recent places you've looked at in the App. Submit Tip can be used to inform us about an attraction to consider adding to the App. Feedback contains FAQs and a way to contact us.

Roadside Presidents App for iPhone