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We think as one.

Field Review iconFeature stories and reports on are researched and written by our editors. We visit as many attractions in person as we can, conduct interviews, shoot photos and videos, and exit in a cloud of dust on our way to the next eyeball-detonating wonder.

Field reviews are as current as possible, though we admit it's extremely difficult to visit or update 15,000+ attractions every year. Many sights evolve, grow or disappear as time passes. If you have information on such changes you encounter in your own travels, please drop us a line.

Reports, stories, photographs and videos by the Roadside America team are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws, and cannot be copied, rewritten, or cannibalized for other people's web pages, apps, or mad schemes without written permission from us.

Suggesting New Attractions: In order for a roadside attraction to be considered for inclusion in our collection, please fill out our Tip form. We may reject submissions that aren't a good fit (not sufficiently offbeat, weird, over-the-top, superlative, etc). We're focused on unbiased traveler submissions, but we'll consider "official" submissions from owners and towns. The content, once submitted, is not editable by the submitter; we edit text and format images as needed. Please read our tip guidelines before submitting places. Thanks!

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