Guidelines for Tip Submission

We love to receive visitor tips. Your keen eyes and descriptive powers can lead us to quirky places everyone can enjoy in the collection. Our editors select which places are Roadside-caliber and which of your tips (if any) to post, as we stay focused on new information about the most offbeat attractions. Visitor Tips should provide new information and reasons other Roadside America fans might want to visit.

[First check what we already have: Search published tips and stories or the maps and state pages.]


Muffler Man, Futuro, Elephant.

Closed or Gone Attractions


Help keep our information current! Provide details and a photo -- such as an empty building or pedestal-- to help solidly confirm actual closings (vs. our inadequate directions). Did you visit personally, or read about it somewhere?

Places We Include

When you discover a place in your travels that is odd, outrageous, and all you talk about when you get home, readers may also find it amusing or fascinating. Roadside America attractions are publicly accessible or visible: tourist attractions, classic tourist traps, museums, commercial/civic statues, historical markers for bizarre events, graves and memorials, unexplained phenomena, unusual natural features (rocks, trees, terrain, etc), unusual buildings, misplaced items (a landlocked submarine, a lighthouse in a desert), folk art environments. Yard art is permanent, large, profus,e and weird. Murals are not just historical, but hilarious, bizarre or uniquely awkward.

Places We Skip

Beautiful. Too natural, too much beauty.

Food. Rave about food.... somewhere else.

Zoo.Mainstream zoos, wildlife parks, sanctuaries, humane societies. Endangered! is not a comprehensive guide to all destinations, museums, historical houses, zoos, county fairs, events, or guided tours. To shape our unique collection of attractions, we apply these filters of pickiness:

We do not publish attractions that require trespassing on private property.

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