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App Use Tip: Is an attraction in front of me or behind me?

The Near Me List shows a list of the nearest places, but if you want to know what's on the road ahead, not all around you, then use the Near Me Map by tapping the map icon in the upper right. A blue dot shows your map position, with pins around you. Tap a pin you are moving towards to see its label.

If there's a place in the Near Me List you want to check out specifically, tap it to go to the place's Detail, then tap then Near Me arrow at the top left (back to the Near Me List), then tap the Near Me Map button, and the label will be visible over the map.

Note: If the map is not oriented to where you are at the moment, tap the upper left arrowhead button. That resets to your true Near Me orientation, and the blue dot will move on the map as your vehicle moves.

Near Me View

Finding a specific pin:

Driving somewhere near Chicago, you see oddball places in the Near Me List, and you really want to visit the "Exhausted Paul Bunyan." But is it in front of you, behind you, where?

First, tap the Exhausted Paul Bunyan strip to go to the Detail view.

Detail View The Detail view convinces you that you must see it in person. Tap the upper left Near Me button.
Near Me View You're back at the Near Me List view. Now tap the Near Me Map icon on the upper right.
Near Me Map

The map view should be displaying the callout label for the Exhausted Paul Bunyan. You are the blue dot.

For turn-by-turn directions:

Tap the folded route map icon in the Exhausted Paul Bunyan callout.

At any time, if the blue dot is not showing your true whereabouts, tap the arrowhead button on the upper left to reset the Near Me fix on your location.

V. 1.8.4

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