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Sightings Vol. 14, No. 3 - April 3, 2018

Disorientation Vacation

Some roadside attractions, the really out-there ones, relish gobbling up and dissolving visitors in the stomach acid of sensory experience. A chaos-driven art collective in New Mexico converted an abandoned bowling alley into a sci-fi multiverse of video hamsters and musical lasers -- the House of Eternal Return. Weird. Meanwhile, in the hills of Tennessee, Chris Katsner singlehandedly transformed his grandpappy's farm into Backyard Terrors Dinosaur Park, a warren of thunder lizards. And -- of course -- a giant walk-in cannibal clown head.

House of Eternal Return

Backyard Terrors Dinosaur Park


Secret Farmhouse of the Redwood Coast

Secret Farmhouse.

It looks like an ordinary barn -- if a barn had cinderblock walls, steel windows, and gun ports. It’s the U.S. military's Secret Station B-71. Story


Buffalo Bill Kill Statue

Buffalo Bill Kill Statue.

William Cody didn't get his "Buffalo Bill" nickname because he liked them. He earned it by killing them. And for a few hours, on the spot marked by this massive statue, Bill made it a particularly bad day to be a buffalo. Story


The Babson Boulders

>The Babson Boulders.

Before Roger Babson died he had his beliefs carved into big rocks along a wooded trail. "Help Mother." "Be On Time." "Get A Job." He also tried to pick a fight with Gravity. Story


Mare Island Shipyard Museum

Mare Island Shipyard Museum.

The U.S. Navy's first west coast installation that supported the Pacific fleet -- from wooden sloops-of-war to nuclear missile subs. Museum has a working periscope, a River Rat, a Man of Balls, and a Wall of Hammers. Story


Hollywood Cars Museum

Hollywood Cars Museum.

Don't let the name fool you; this place is pure Las Vegas, with the glittery vehicles of Liberace, a Bonnie and Clyde Death Car, and a 40-foot limo with a heart-shaped hot tub. Story


Relics of the World's Largest Man

Relics of the World's Largest Man.

Most of Robert Wadlow's Size XXXXXL odds and ends were destroyed after his death by his average-size mom. A few mementoes survive in his hometown museum in Illinois. Story


World's Largest Overall

World's Largest Overalls.

While we're in the tall men's department, what about the "World's Largest Overall?" They've loomed at the Nebraska State Fairgrounds for years. Perhaps the most amazing thing is that no one there knows how big they are. And someone misplaced the tape measure. Story


Trunkations Blog: Queen of the Air

Queen of the Air.

America’s first flying machine? The bullet-like iron-riveted “Queen of the Air” supposedly flew in 1860, powered by a mysterious motor, and resembles a Jules Verne lunar projectile. Story


Barely outrunning the cannibal clown head,
The Team

Spotted by Tipsters

Spotted by Tipsters

Buried under all those pins is the Shopping Center Tomb of Miss Dynamite, a dog with pen pals including Presidents and astronauts. A Kentucky discovery by tipster Peter Zillmann.

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Main image: "Glowquarium" from the House of Eternal Return.