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(AKA the Jack-a-Lope) This monstrous mule is the product of a love union between a jackrabbit and an antelope.

Promoted as endangered, their decimation may be severe if we base it on the number of mounted dead Jackalope heads we've seen in gift shops across the American West (and these are just the rabbit sized specimens).

The State of Wyoming considerately sells Jackalope Hunting Licenses, allowing any "citizen of the United States or some foreign country" the privilege of bagging one male antlered jackalope on the first and last Monday of each month between 1 and 4 am only.

Saddled jackalope.The Giant Jackalope, larger than a horse, can sometimes be seen in postcard photos, usually saddled and ridden by a cowboy.

The Jackapheasant is another rare hybrid.

Not much is known about the Jackalope's habits. It's been reported that the Jackalope can imitate the human voice, that it only breeds during hail storms, that it can run at speeds up to 90 mph. Jackalopes look cute, but experts agree that they are vicious creatures that will kill if cornered.

Jackalope eggs, sometimes sold in cartons at gift shops, bear a striking resemblance to candy-covered gum balls. This shows the cunning adaptability of this creature, which apparently gestates in the stomach of an unsuspecting human host.

Close Relative(s):
Fur-Bearing Trout

Prime location(s):
Douglas, Wyoming, is the Jackalope Capital of the World. Jackalope souvenirs can be found in Wyoming, South Dakota, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Kansas. The Nebraska "warrior rabbit" is a similar species.

Special Powers:

What's Out There for Vacation Travelers?
Mounted Jackalope heads are common, and souvenir shops throughout the west sell taxidermied Jackalopes mounted on bases.

Much more rare are the giants of the species:

A unique "visionary art" Giant Jackalope in South Dakota gives a deceptively cuddly look to this dangerous animal:

Saddled Giant Jackalopes are difficult to find, and often appear for a season at a gas station or souvenir shop before disappearing and moving elsewhere. The most famous is made of fiberglass at Wall Drug, another is possibly the only stuffed Giant Jackalope in existence:

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