Washington Serpentarium entrance.Roadside Creatures.

Roadside Creatures

A fleeting peripheral shadow, a pale wobbling light in the woods, an unholy sound. Is it explainable by Science, or is it evidence of the existence of a mysterious creature?

We need monsters. For all of the comfort that we get from the laws of Physics -- the reliable tug of gravity, the simple path of Logic -- we also need blind faith in freaky hoo-ha.

The world will never be dull when we can imagine an alternate answer to the predictable.

"What was that noise?"

"Uh, Kaitlin tripped over the Ghost Stalkers gadget bag again."

The Albino eye of Friendship.Whether you believe or not, cryptids nonetheless endure in centuries-old legends, newspaper accounts, and contemporary sightings across America. But the modern traveler doesn't have to sit in a backwoods hovel, waiting for an inhuman thing to shamble by. No!

There are creature museums, fanciful statues, and festivals to attend. You can gaze at the stuffed carcasses of improbable mutants and carnival sea beasties. Monsters can be the magical road trip ingredient -- that perfect marriage of terror and fun.

To speed your journey, and increase your chances of a memorable encounter, we've created this directory of reliable Roadside Creatures.

  1. Bassigator - Louisiana
  2. Bigfoot - Various
  3. The Blob - Pennsylvania
  4. Boggy Creek Monster - Arkansas
  5. Champ - New York, Vermont
  6. The Flatwoods Monster - West Virginia
  7. Frog People - Ohio
  8. The Hodag - Wisconsin
  9. The Jackalope - The West, The Plains
  10. The Jersey Devil - New Jersey
  11. Merman - Various
  12. Mothman - West Virginia
  13. Ogopogo - BC, Canada
  14. The Piasa Bird - Illinois
  15. Rhinelapus - Wisconsin
  16. The Skunk Ape - Florida
  17. Space Aliens - Various
  18. Spook Lights - Various
  19. Trolls - Washington, Wisconsin
  20. Witches - Massachusetts, Various

October 26, 2020

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