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Bigfoot is America's superstar monster. He's been tromping the backwoods since Indian times, and his ability to pop up and disappear -- much faster than a big, hairy humanoid ought to -- has prompted speculation that he either travels through underground caves or that he's being dropped off by UFOs.

Most people who've seen Bigfoot don't mention his feet. They're more impressed by his lack of a neck, or his human-like stride, or his ability to instantly produce a stench that's been described as decomposed flesh, vomit, outhouses, old fish, or rotten eggs. Bigfoot has been heard to grunt, growl, whistle, and even scream, but he doesn't appear to be threatening. He just walks off and vanishes.

In some Bigfoot sightings by groups, certain people have seen the creature plain as day while others haven't seen him at all. This has led to speculation that Bigfoot either has mind control, or that Bigfoot is just wishful thinking on the part of the witnesses.

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Prime location(s):
Every part of North America has had a Bigfoot sighting, but the most tourist-friendly spots are northern California, Washington state, and parts of Canada.

Special Powers:
Bigfoot supposedly likes to tap sticks against tree trunks and throw pebbles at cars and cabins, although no one has actually seen him do it. He has a talent for appearing and vanishing, which may mean that he is trans-dimensional, or just really well camouflaged.

What's Out There for Vacation Travelers?
No other creature has had as many statues erected along America's highways. Most representations of Bigfoot are carved from tree trunks with a chainsaw. Their variety -- from charming eco-primate to scowling monster -- shows just how little we know of what Bigfoot really looks like, and how happy America's chainsaw carvers are to keep it that way.

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