Space alien at the barbecue.Roadside Creatures.

Space Aliens

Benign space brothers or strict surrogate parents? The modern American's view of our bulb-headed sky neighbors probably rests on a preference for Close Encounters or The X Files rather than with any knowledge of exobiology. Not that there's much to know, as the bodies always disappear before we can get a good look at them.

Space aliens in the 1950s arrived in all shapes and sizes, from humanoid robots to gelatinous blobs to super-strong monkey men. That first wave has long been displaced by a standard model: small, frail, almond-eyed, grayish-green. They never wear clothes, so they probably come from a nudist planet. Is it our modesty that they find so fascinating?

Space aliens often visit remote farm houses and quiet country roads, but they can pop up anywhere, which makes them a uniquely accessible creature. When you visit a space alien spot please make certain that your camera batteries are charged, and don't be too upset if you wake up the next day with your mind a blank and your pants on backwards.

Close Relative(s):

Prime location(s):

Special Powers:
They can erase human memory and float the human body. Their nasty probes reveal what they really think of us (not much), and their ability to out-fly our fastest jets proves that they can take over this planet whenever they want.

What's Out There for Vacation Travelers?
Some people want to be visited by space aliens, or at least want to make it easier to see them:

Window display in Roswell.Space aliens may favor places that they've been to before. If so, you should go to:

October 23, 2020

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