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Junk English 2

by Ken Smith
In Junk English 2, Ken Smith takes on the misuse, abuse, and downright decay of the English language. His weapons? A sharp wit and Junk English 2 cover. an almost frightening grasp of the depths of the decline. Written so that the ordinary user of English can readily see how the manipulation of words keeps the culture in a haze of misunderstandings and vagueness, Junk English 2 covers the whole spectrum of the problem.

In short sections such as Crybaby Verbs, Risk Adverse, Asymmetric Warfare, Classroom Cacophony, and Verbal Prestidigitation, Smith shows how everyone from Madison Avenue to middle America has succumbed to euphemisms, mindless jargon, and weasel words. The book’s inclusion of basic advice on how to avoid lazy language shows there's at least some hope for the future.Fan's of Ken's revelatory Junk English will delight in the entirely new language horrors examined in Junk English 2 [144pp, Blast Books]

Junk English

by Ken Smith
Junk English 1 cover.That Ken has done it now! Unfulfilled by a life writing about roadside attractions, analyzing old dating films, or poking fun at the Bible,he takes on the English language. Junk English is Ken "Mr. Picky" Smith's "quirky, pleasingly judgmental dictionary of language crimes."From "invisible diminishers" ("virtually flawless") to technology jargon ("It is simply not natural to use feedback for opinion, [or] synthesis for combination"), Smith will delight language purists with his wit while confirming their grave assessments of contemporary speech. Order Junk English [144pp, Blast Books]


Mental Hygiene: Better Living Through Classroom Films 1945-1970

by Ken Smith
Mental Hygiene cover.RA co-author Ken Smith tracked down and studied thousands of old 16mm films overthe last decade... Social guidance films like Dating Do's and Don't's, Shy Guy, Are You Popular. Grisly safety films like Highways of Agony, Signal 30... and stern social warnings such as Narcotics: Pit of Despair. He interviewed long-lost stars and directors of these classics, and dug around in their attics.

It's all here, along with 400 photographs from the films. Older readers can relive the horror of classroom films and their painful lessons; youngsters can discover the mass mind control experiments which shaped their parents and GPs! Mental Hygiene [240pp, Blast Books]

Raw Deal: Horrible and Ironic Stories of Forgotten Americans

by Ken Smith
Raw DealHilarious chronicle of the lives of 22 unlucky -- seemingly CURSED --individuals. The greatest victims in America are in Raw Deal. Nathan Stubblefield's wireless phone could have ushered in the era of wireless telephony 75 years ago -- if he hadn't been betrayed by his business partners. Frank Olson just wanted to have a good time when he inadvertently drank a cocktail spiked with LSD by the CIA. Dagger-toothed Ota Benga was unlucky enough to be a pygmy exhibited in a cage in the Bronx Zoo monkey house. Raw Deal

Sex and Zen and a Bullet In the Head

by Stefan Hammond, Mike Wilkins.
Sex, Zen...Definitive American guide to Hong Kong films, writtenand designed "Roadside-style," in easy-to-digest chunks! Mike spent the vacation off-season scouring Chinatown video stores with fellow Hong Kong film expert Stefan Hammond. Enter the bizarre world of ghost girls, monsters, and the quintessential gun battle. Jackie Chan wrote the Forward...Sex and Zen and a Bullet In the Head


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