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We appreciate your feedback or comments about the web site and our books. Please let us know about any specific factual errors you encounter -- we strive to keep our reviews and stories as error-free as possible. Make sure you note the page URL, so we can find the error. Here is our Editorial Contact form

Contacting a Tourist Attraction

If you are trying to reach a tourist attraction, please contact them directly. and our editorial offices have no affiliation with the roadside attractions we write about.

Tips on Roadside Attractions

Visitor tips, leads and photos of roadside attractions are published at our editors' discretion. Read our terms and conditions and our Tip Guidelines. Submissions must be your original text (don't copy from other Web sites or sources).While some submissions may not be appropriate for the themes and attitude of the Web site, we do appreciate the opportunity to consider them!

Use our Tip Submission Form.

Note to Attraction Owners: is devoted to oddball or over-the-top places that make the editors (us) laugh. If you operate an unusual or offbeat attraction we've missed, you can submit a tip. If you operate a fairly normal museum, but have one hilarious or scary/revolting exhibit, tell us about it! Maybe we'll tell others. Please identify your affiliation with the attraction.

Submitting Photos

We select contributed images to post based on a few criteria:

Please send only your own photos, not images taken from Web sites. We respect copyright! Include the photographer's name if it's not you. Send images as .jpgs or .pngs -- no ZIP files please.

Submit your photos via our Tip Submission Form.

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Please direct copyright violation takedown demands to us. They will be promptly attended to. Please include URL and description of content. Contact us

Our Mailing Address, P.O. Box 324, Novato, CA 94948-0324

NOTE: Please do NOT mail your attraction photo prints to this address (we can't promise we'll ever get around to scanning and digitizing them). Send them as electronic files through our Tips form.

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