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Roadside America

Our handy and amusing road trip tool guides you to the crazy places you've read about here. Maps, directions, photos, stories and tips. Basic app includes 1 US/Canada region; in-app option adds more regions or the entire collection.
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Roadside America was No. #1 Paid iPhone Travel App in the U.S. App Store (March 15, 2015)

Roadside America iPhone app:

Frequently Asked Questions
Check here for use tips and troubleshooting advice.

Contact Customer Support
Let us know if you are experiencing bugs or region activation problems. App users can send direct feedback from the app, via More: Feedback.

Important Tip: Region Selection

If your initial region selection button doesn't work, there's an easy fix. Completely quit the app. In device Settings go to Privacy > Location Services > Roadside, and change it to ON. Launch the app.


Roadside Presidents

Take an unforgettable road trip with the Presidents of the United States! Find historical landmarks in 50 states, from the official to the offbeat and neglected. Visit birthplaces, statues, graves, museums, and First Exec entourages -- the First Ladies, VPs, wannabes....even their assassins!
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  GPS Software Add-On

Attractions and Oddities

(Oct. 1, 2013: The Spot It Out store has closed; this product is no longer available)



What App Users Are Saying about Roadside America...

"I love this app!!! People are constantly asking me where I find such cool stuff to do on the weekends. It's because I just grab my car keys and open up the Roadside America app."
— Urpickle

"It has directed us to a ton cool/weird places, and many of the write-ups are hilarious. This new update makes it even better: no more subscriptions, and the map feature is a HUGE plus!"

"I have this app up and running every time we are traveling. We have rerouted our trips based on this app to see more of the funky stuff throughout the country. The tips from other travelers are extremely helpful."
— Jane and Roger

"This app is exactly what I wanted and more and it is money well spent. I absolutely recommend the upgrade."
— AFWingMom

"I was shocked at how much fun information was in this app. It's well-organized, easy to use, and just reading the tips is good entertaintment. Absolutely worth it."
— Gingerbread Pirate

Roadside America App for iPhone

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