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  • Dr. Evermor at the Forevertron.

    Foreverton: Dr. Evermor, Sumpter, WI. In 1998, Dr. Evermor donned his pith helmet and tried to make us understand the Forevertron, his giant space-time bending contraption.

  • Where the Sun Reigns.

    Yesteryear Travel: Where the Sun Reigns!, Miami, FL. Greater Miami in the mid-1950s was a city where Dad, Mom, and "little Lisa" could take in swanky nightlife and alligator wrestling.

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October 8, 2015

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  • Scrappy Workforce

    Giant scrap metal workers never punch out on America's time clocks. More

  • Smiley Face Water Towers.

    Our municipal cheerleaders, standing tall with a glass always at least half full. More

  • Muffler Men - They Still Walk Among Us.

    Giant Bunyans, Indians, Cowboys, Halfwits -- tracking migrations and motivations. More

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