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Georgia Stonehenge Threatened By A Kook

Georgia Guidestones.Accusations are being hurled against the usually implacable Georgia Guidestones, according to an article on the web site WorldNetDaily. Conspiracy-monger Mark Dice, whose so-called Christian organization The Resistance may consist only of himself, claims in the story that the Guidestones are “satanic” and that their inscribed text “calls for the elimination of over 90 percent of the world’s population.”

A quick visit to The Resistance’s web site shows that Dice sells survival gear and wants to blow the lid off of the September 11 attacks, the Knights Templar, the Illuminati, Scientology, and the Vatican. “Legislation,” he claims, “is being drawn up and prepared for when robots will soon become artificially intelligent and will possibly be given ‘rights.'”

What’s shocking here are not the claims of a self-promoter like Dice, but that they are reported as newsworthy (though admittedly, we’ll post on anything relating to an American Stonehenge). As far as we can tell the Georgia Guidestones, which have been standing for 28 years, have been utterly useless at eliminating the human population.

If Dice really wants to help tip the roadside attraction scale toward Christianity, then he should channel his energies toward something that really needs it, like getting the Lost World Museum to finally open.

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One Response to “Georgia Stonehenge Threatened By A Kook”

  1. kf Says:
    July 29th, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    “What’s shocking here are not the claims of a self-promoter like Dice, but that they are reported as newsworthy”

    Being reported in WorldNetDaily (or as it’s more popularly known, WorldNutDaily) isn’t a valid measure of newsworthiness. They’re a yellow journalism rag full of far-right-wing scare-mongering and sales pitches for their self-published books disguised as news articles. Typical of their investigative journalism is their six-part series on how soy products are turning our kids into homosexuals. They have Pat Boone and Chuck Freaking Norris as editorial columnists, for crying out loud. So, not really that shocking that they would report on some loon who thinks Satan hides his plan for mass genocide on a roadside attraction. WND is where you would expect to hear that sort of thing reported.

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