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  • National Videogame Museum

    National Videogame Museum

    Frisco, Texas

    More than 100,000 artifacts. Play "Pong" on a giant retro-TV, learn about The Crash of 1983 on the Timeline of Consoles, recall countless hours frittered away on each platform.

  • Big Metal Old Rip

    Big Metal Old Rip

    Eastland, Texas

    A larger-than-life metal sculpture of Old Rip, civic mascot of Eastland and the world's most famous horned toad, created by artist Joe Barrington.

Sights for Oddball Excursions

  • Cadillac Ranch

    Cadillac Ranch

    Amarillo, Texas

    Is it just a line of ten junker Cadillacs buried nose-down in a dusty farm field -- or is it art?

  • National Museum of Funeral History

    National Museum of Funeral History

    Houston, Texas

    Caskets, hearses, and other funeral industry regalia, including JFK's original Eternal Flame, Truman's embalming machine, and a waxy Pope and Lincoln lying in coffins.

  • Giant Bo Pilgrim Head

    Giant Bo Pilgrim Head

    Pittsburg, Texas

    Mesmerizing immense bust pays tribute to a devout Texas chicken baron Bo Pilgrim, who employed this town with his poultry business.

  • Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum

    Barney Smith's Toilet Seat Art Museum

    San Antonio, Texas

    In his mid-90s, retired plumber-turned-artist has filled his garage museum with 1,300+ toilet seat masterpieces. Moving to new location in early 2019.

  • Big Texan Steak Ranch

    Big Texan Steak Ranch

    Amarillo, Texas

    Competitive Eating Heritage Trail: swallow a 72-oz. steak in an hour and it's free!

  • Cathedral of Junk

    Cathedral of Junk

    Austin, Texas

    Vince Hannemann's backyard folk art environment was built out of cast-offs because he thought it was fun.

  • Museum of the Weird

    Museum of the Weird

    Austin, Texas

    Monsters, UFOs, ghosts, Bigfoot -- this small-but-enthusiastic museum in a gift shop covers it all. Don't miss the frozen missing link, and the sideshow theater performance.

  • LBJ Museum and Library, With Robot

    LBJ Museum and Library, With Robot

    Austin, Texas

    12-story cement block houses the history of Lyndon Johnson's presidency. Best of all: a life-size LBJ robot that tells G-rated versions of LBJ jokes.

  • Tex Randall, Big Texan

    Tex Randall, Big Texan

    Canyon, Texas

    Lanky, slouching cowboy giant, standing since 1959.

  • Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum

    Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum

    Crosbyton, Texas

    Largest Creation Fossil Museum in the world. Run by Joe Taylor, devoting considerable effort to proving that Man and Dinosaur walked together.

  • Old Rip, Miracle Horned Toad

    Old Rip, Miracle Horned Toad

    Eastland, Texas

    Is it possible to cheat death -- at least for a little while? Scientists say "No!" but an embalmed lizard in Texas seems to say "Yes!"

  • Glenn Goode's Big People

    Glenn Goode's Big People

    Gainesville, Texas

    Multiple fiberglass giants, owned by Glenn Goode the self-titled Fiberglass Man, stand in a line on his property.

  • Creation Evidence Museum

    Creation Evidence Museum

    Glen Rose, Texas

    A small museum that not only refutes the "theory" of evolution but proves that Man and Dinosaur walked the earth at the same time.

  • Groom Cross: Titanic Texas Tribute

    Groom Cross: Titanic Texas Tribute

    Groom, Texas

    Heaven-scraping billboard of faith in the Texas panhandle.

  • Killer Bee Capital of the World

    Killer Bee Capital of the World

    Hidalgo, Texas

    Hidalgo celebrates its unusual distinction of being the spot where killer bees first illegally crossed from Mexico into the U.S.

  • Beer Can House

    Beer Can House

    Houston, Texas

    John Milkovisch drank 39,000 cans of beer, then decorated his house with the flattened empties.

  • The Orange Show

    The Orange Show

    Houston, Texas

    Jeff McKissack, Houston postal worker, spent his Golden Years building a large, gaudy, strange folk art tribute to what he considered "the perfect food."

  • Space Center Houston

    Space Center Houston

    Houston, Texas

    Walk through the world's only piggyback Space Shuttle, touch a moon rock in The Lunar Vault, take a tram tour of Historic Mission Control.

  • Giant Statue of Sam Houston

    Giant Statue of Sam Houston

    Huntsville, Texas

    David Adicke's 67-ft. tall version of the general who defeated Santa Anna's Mexican Army, was President of the Republic of Texas, Governor of the State of Texas, and a US Senator.

  • Texas Prison Museum

    Texas Prison Museum

    Huntsville, Texas

    The home of "Old Sparky," the state's retired electric chair, as well as displays of prisoner contraband and the Death Gun of Bonnie Parker.

  • 13-Ton Boulder Carved Into John Wayne's Head

    13-Ton Boulder Carved Into John Wayne's Head

    Lubbock, Texas

    A boulder that nearly caused carnage on a California freeway was transformed into a long-lasting indoor tribute to The Duke.

  • Devil's Rope Museum: Barbed Wire

    Devil's Rope Museum: Barbed Wire

    McLean, Texas

    Everything you ever wanted to know about barbed wire.

  • Full-size Replica Ezekiel Airship

    Full-size Replica Ezekiel Airship

    Pittsburg, Texas

    A century after a preacher-inventor built an airship described in the Bible, this museum exhibits a replica near where it flew -- before the Wright Brothers!

  • World's Largest Cowboy Boots

    World's Largest Cowboy Boots

    San Antonio, Texas

    The World's Largest Cowboy Boots are ready to kick s**t at the North Star Mall.

  • Buckhorn Saloon, Museum, and Texas Ranger Museum

    Buckhorn Saloon, Museum, and Texas Ranger Museum

    San Antonio, Texas

    Thousands of dead animals and dead animal parts for your enjoyment. Don't miss the 4,000-antler chandelier and the chair made for Teddy Roosevelt out of 62 pair of buffalo horns.

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