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Nuts Are Treats To The Soul

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"Nuts have a heart. Hard and pricky sometimes on the outside, but soft and sweet on the inside. That's my philosophy."

Elizabeth Tashjian passed away January 28, 2007. started this page in 1996 to help get the word out about the "Nut Lady" and her Nut Museum. Both gone today, but Elizabeth Tashjian's story and spirit live on!

Nov 2, 2019: Nut Lady Sprouts Anew: College art museum retropective remembers Elizabeth Tashjian.

Jan 29, 2007: Nut Lady Dies - We were saddened to learn that the Nut Lady died on Sunday at her nursing home in Old Saybrook. She was 94. []

Feb 4, 2007: Obituary "Elizabeth Tashjian, who debated whether she was a nut culturist or a nut artist, but was indisputably, well, nuts enough about nuts to win fame (but not fortune) as matriarch of the Nut Museum in Old Lyme, Conn., died last Sunday in Old Saybrook, Conn. She was 94." [New York Times]

Nut Anthem video.Jan 30, 2007: Remembering Elizabeth Tashjian: From the Roadside America video archives, here is one of Elizabeth's acapella performances of her Nut Anthem, "Nuts Are Beautiful," recorded in 1985 in front of the World's Largest Nutcracker in Old Lyme, CT. Video

2002: Messages from the Nut Lady to her fans

About the [now defunct] NUT MUSEUM...

Sweet Sounds of Nutdom

Vintage sound recordings of the Nut Lady singing her self-penned nut songs:
Audio File Icon March of the Nuts
Rallying the troops for full frontal assault.
[492k .mp3 audio file]
Audio File Icon Nuts Are Beautiful
The Lord's Prayer of Nutdom.
[928k .mp3 audio file]

Nut Galleria
A tour of Elizabeth's nut art statements.

Nut Lady Media Watch
The Nut Lady was a living laundry list of her latest media appearances...

Visit the Peanut Gallery!
Nuts CAN change your life! Find nut appreciation by fans in the Peanut Gallery.

Mr. Peanut

[256k .aif audio file]

Nut Mask

O Mask of Nut!
Where Doth Thou

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