Lincoln talks in Gettysburg.

America's Loopiest Lincoln Landmarks

Loopiest Lincoln Landmarks.

By the Editors of

If an assassin's bullet hadn't cut him down, Abraham Lincoln would be over 200 years old. And since he's been gone, the nation he held together has been all over the map in the ways it pays him tribute.

That gave us pause to reflect. Not on his impact on the Union, his role in freeing enslaved people, his shrewd leadership and "team of rivals," or the continuing debate about who Lincoln really was. We know Abe by his landmarks -- by what Americans have chosen to display and visit along the highway.

And judging by those statues, tourist attractions and museum exhibits, Abe is still wildly popular. In the lofty fraternity of our most visible highway giants, Lincoln's only real peers are Elvis and Jesus. And they're Kings; he's a President. Only George Washington comes close, but gazing at his false teeth at the National Museum of Dentistry doesn't evoke the emotion of a good Lincoln landmark...

Lincoln shooting rifle.

And there are so many distorted echoes of Lincoln around the nation. The editors at have selected the most bizarre that they've visited, and created a special gallery of Loopy Lincoln Landmarks:

  1. Lincoln Watermelon Monument
  2. "Grow a Beard, Abe!" Girl Monument
  3. Sharpshooter President's Target Board
  4. Lincoln Speaks at 1880 Cowboy Town
  5. Abe Lincoln and Jesus
  6. Lincoln's Last Bowel Movement
  7. Lincoln's Death Chair
  8. Lincoln's Funeral Train
  9. Piece of Thorax of Lincoln's Killer
  10. Home of Lincoln's Killer's Killer - A Hole
  11. Bronzed Foundation of Lincoln's Boyhood Home
  12. The Lincoln Bank Ledger
  13. Lincoln Marriage Temple
  14. Lincoln Robot - Gettysburg Address

Civil War Library Museum, Philadelphia, PA.

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