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The Roadside America App is available on the App Store.

**May 2016**: If purchased regions do not unlock or restore, please contact us from within the app (More > Feedback). We can unlock. Include your Roadside America user name, date regions were purchased, and if the error displayed "Purchase Unsuccessful," or if a restore of an older purchase fails. Reinstalling the app does not currently fix this issue.


Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for any question you might have on the operation of the application.
Frequently Asked Questions

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If you can't find an answer in the FAQs, please contact us. Along with a description of your issue, please provide the date of purchase, your account user name, and what device and iOS version you have (iPhone 4s, iPad3, iOS 8.3, etc).

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Crash Reports

A app can crash for many reasons -- low memory, a conflict with another app, or a problem with the app itself. In order for us to tackle a persistent crash problem, we need to recreate the crash conditions, so it's really helpful if you can send a crash report from your device.

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Let us know if you have a suggestion or want to get in touch. We welcome your feedback to help improve the Roadside America App!

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