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New Reports

  • Alcor Cryonics Tour

    Alcor Cryonics Tour

    Scottsdale, Arizona

    See the labs and tanks where people and pets are frozen in the hope they will be brought back to life in the future. The original "cryonaut," frozen in 1967, is here.

  • The Thing

    The Thing

    Dragoon, Arizona

    America's most purposefully mysterious tourist attraction beckons the freeway-fatigued in empty southeastern Arizona. What is it? We won't tell....

  • Neon Diving Lady - Starlite Motel

    Neon Diving Lady - Starlite Motel

    Mesa, Arizona

    70 ft. tall sign built in 1960: a blonde in swimsuit takes an endless 3-part plunge in neon. Felled by a wind storm in 2010; in 2013 fans chipped in to save the lady.

Sights for Oddball Excursions

  • Wigwam Village Motel No. 6

    Wigwam Village Motel No. 6

    Holbrook, Arizona

    It's like traveling back to 1950 when you snooze in teepee motel comfort at this Route 66 landmark.

  • Goldfield Ghost Town

    Goldfield Ghost Town

    Apache Junction, Arizona

    Gunfights and raucous old west fun are the norm at a replica 1890s ghost town, based on the mining boom version of Goldfield.

  • Titan Missile Museum

    Titan Missile Museum

    Green Valley, Arizona

    An important Atomic Tour sight -- a fully restored missile base, relic of the Cold War.

  • Stewart's Petrified Wood

    Stewart's Petrified Wood

    Holbrook, Arizona

    Behind those dinosaurs chomping on women, there's petrified wood for sale.

  • Rainbow Rock Shop Dinosaurs

    Rainbow Rock Shop Dinosaurs

    Holbrook, Arizona

    A packed gathering of brightly painted, homemade prehistoric creatures just off of Route 66. Highest dino density per square foot.

  • Living Ghost Town: Burros and Gunfights

    Living Ghost Town: Burros and Gunfights

    Oatman, Arizona

    Chaotic Old West street of wandering burros and free gunfights.

  • Bird Cage Theater Museum

    Bird Cage Theater Museum

    Tombstone, Arizona

    Perfectly preserved whoring and party hub of 19th century Tombstone. 140 visible bullet holes in its walls. Home to ghosts and a diminutive Merman.

  • O.K. Corral

    O.K. Corral

    Tombstone, Arizona

    While the human performers are still home sleeping, animated mannequins provide a "living dead" reenactment of the famous gun battle.

  • Tombstone, Arizona

    Tombstone, Arizona

    Tombstone, Arizona

    Gunfights, prostitutes, more gunfights, and the Wild West's most iconic graveyard. And a Merman.

  • Meteor Crater

    Meteor Crater

    Winslow, Arizona

    Aren't you glad you weren't standing on this spot 50,000 years ago?

  • Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel

    Elvis Presley Memorial Chapel

    Apache Junction, Arizona

    Before moving here, wooden church appeared in an Elvis film and survived 1969 and 2004 fires at Apacheland Movie Ranch.

  • Casa Grande Ruins

    Casa Grande Ruins

    Coolidge, Arizona

    WPA giant metal umbrella protects a four-story, crumbling ancient Indian building. The mud structure's original purpose remains a mystery.

  • Lumberjack Muffler Man - Inside

    Lumberjack Muffler Man - Inside

    Flagstaff, Arizona

    Two Bunyan Muffler Men brandish axes in the name of school spirit. To terrify visiting teams, this one stands behind the Lumberjack's backboard.

  • Historic Route 66 Museum

    Historic Route 66 Museum

    Kingman, Arizona

    One of the better-mounted of the increasingly numerous Mother Road museums. In 2015 the "Route 66 Electric Vehicle Museum" was added to the building.

  • London Bridge

    London Bridge

    Lake Havasu City, Arizona

    The real 950-ft. long bridge moved at great expense from England. Piranha 3D was filmed here in 2009.

  • Arcosanti: An Urban Laboratory

    Arcosanti: An Urban Laboratory

    Mayer, Arizona

    Art community's utopian vision is 700 years from completion. While you're waiting, buy a bell.

  • Grand Canyon Caverns

    Grand Canyon Caverns

    Peach Springs, Arizona

    A show cave and several dinosaurs await along this desolate stretch of historic Route 66. Elevator drops 200+ feet down into cave, which features Civil Defense leftovers, and the Chapel of the Ages.

  • Muffler Man - Bunyan

    Muffler Man - Bunyan

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Part of the chaotic and fascinating yard statuary of collector Don Parks, this big fiberglass lumberjack seems puzzled by the absence of trees.

  • Release the Fear - Melted Weapons Sculpture

    Release the Fear - Melted Weapons Sculpture

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Anti-violence sculpture by artist Robert John Miley features a happy 24-ft. tall figure emerging from a partly melted pile of actual crime guns.

  • Governor Hunt's Pyramid Tomb

    Governor Hunt's Pyramid Tomb

    Phoenix, Arizona

    Lavish burial site of Arizona's wackiest (and seven times elected) governor, George W.P. Hunt. The pyramid sits on a hill in scenic Papago Park.

  • Muffler Man - Big Johnson

    Muffler Man - Big Johnson

    Prescott, Arizona

    "Big Johnson" -- cowboy muffler man -- is a local landmark.

  • Hi Jolly's Tomb

    Hi Jolly's Tomb

    Quartzsite, Arizona

    Hi Jolly was imported from the Middle East, along with a lot of camels, to cross the sandy wastes of the American Southwest.

  • Giddy-Up Daddy: Bil Keane Horsy Ride Statue

    Giddy-Up Daddy: Bil Keane Horsy Ride Statue

    Scottsdale, Arizona

    Family Circus cartoonist remembered in his hometown with sculpture showing his human horsy ride for kids from his syndicated comic strip.

  • Good Enough Mine

    Good Enough Mine

    Tombstone, Arizona

    1878 Silver Mine attraction burrows much more than six feet under the wild west town of Tombstone. Guided walk; head-level outcroppings thoughtfully painted orange.

  • Garden of Gethsemane

    Garden of Gethsemane

    Tucson, Arizona

    Artist Felix Lucero sculpted it to thank God for sparing him in World War I. He lived under a nearby bridge.

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