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  • Museum of International Propaganda

    Museum of International Propaganda

    San Rafael, California

    20th century political art collection of Tom and Lilka Areton. Posters, sculptures, "Idealization of the Leader of the State" and "Veneration of the Military."

  • Winery Heroes of History Hill

    Winery Heroes of History Hill

    Sonoma, California

    Old winery has populated a path with characters from mythology, European and American history, and winemaking milestones.

  • Urban Light - 202 Lit Lampposts

    Urban Light - 202 Lit Lampposts

    Los Angeles, California

    Artist Chris Burden created this night-lit installation of 202 old cast-iron lampposts from the 1920s and '30s.

  • Madame Tussauds

    Madame Tussauds

    San Francisco, California

    Interact with lifelike dummies of the rich and famous. Special attention given to S.F., Silicon Valley and net celebs. Grumpy Cat added in 2015.

  • Ronald Reagan Museum and Library

    Ronald Reagan Museum and Library

    Simi Valley, California

    In the 1980s, it was confusing to see your President in old movies co-starring with a chimp. Walk through Air Force One, crawl through a replica Berlin Wall, pay respects at the grave.

  • Oxman's Surplus Museum

    Oxman's Surplus Museum

    Santa Fe Springs, California

    Impressive personal collection of odd military castoffs, collected by the Oxman family as part of their war surplus business.

  • Vietnamese Boat People Memorial

    Vietnamese Boat People Memorial

    Westminster, California

    The desperate 1970s/'80s exodus from war ravaged Vietnam is commemorated with a sculpture of refugees afloat in a cemetery fountain.

  • Papa Burger - A&W Root Beer Family

    Papa Burger - A&W Root Beer Family

    Oceanside, California

    A fiberglass statue, normally one of a family of four -- but it's just Dad. And this is not an A&W Root Beer location.

  • Replica of the First In-N-Out Burger

    Replica of the First In-N-Out Burger

    Baldwin Park, California

    Exact replica of the 1948 pioneer drive-thru burger shack, with vintage equipment, speaker box, and neon signage.

  • Big Bronze Bruce Lee

    Big Bronze Bruce Lee

    Los Angeles, California

    Tribute to the martial arts star stands over seven feet tall. Unveiled in June 2013, Bruce is posed as if starting an intense nunchuck battle.

Sights for Oddball Excursions

  • Official Center of the World

    Official Center of the World

    Felicity, California

    Mayor Istel built his town smack over the Center of the World, now site of a pyramid, church and world history in granite.

  • In the Box Tour: Battles in Fake Iraq

    In the Box Tour: Battles in Fake Iraq

    Fort Irwin, California

    Fake Iraq and Afghan villages built for Army training employ actor-citizens and insurgents. Special attack tours.

  • Trees Of Mystery

    Trees Of Mystery

    Klamath, California

    Giant statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox guard the entrance of Trees of Mystery, where corkscrew trees and other arboreal mutants stand for your viewing pleasure.

  • Salvation Mountain

    Salvation Mountain

    Niland, California

    The late outsider artist Leonard Knight painted huge, divinely inspired visions on a desert dirt ridge he called Salvation Mountain.

  • Ken Fox's Great Statues of Auburn

    Ken Fox's Great Statues of Auburn

    Auburn, California

    Concrete colossi built by Auburn dentist-sculptor Ken Fox.

  • Cabazon Dinosaurs

    Cabazon Dinosaurs

    Cabazon, California

    Built by the late Claude Bell, who ran the Wheel Inn on I-10; currently owned by folks who don't buy the Theory of Evolution.

  • Bailey Art Museum - Robots of Clayton Bailey

    Bailey Art Museum - Robots of Clayton Bailey

    Crockett, California

    Cybernetic sculpture gallery and cabinet of curiosities for artists Clayton and Betty Bailey.

  • Museum of Jurassic Technology

    Museum of Jurassic Technology

    Culver City, California

    A collection both cryptic and illuminating, dedicated to raising public appreciation of the Lower Jurassic.

  • Unarius Academy of Science

    Unarius Academy of Science

    El Cajon, California

    Headquarters of the Unarians, firm believers that 33 city-ships of the galactic Federation would arrive on Earth in 2001 (they didn't).

  • Playland Not-At-The-Beach

    Playland Not-At-The-Beach

    El Cerrito, California

    San Franciscans go ape pining for their lost amusements; this museum is a packed shrine to the leisure past at Playland-at-the-Beach.

  • Queen Califia's Magical Circle Garden

    Queen Califia's Magical Circle Garden

    Escondido, California

    Colorful fantasy sculpture world of tiles and serpents. Closed by city due to vandalism by morons. Its caretakers hope to have it open again in Fall 2014.

  • Bigfoot Discovery Museum

    Bigfoot Discovery Museum

    Felton, California

    The hairy biped, spotted between surfing beaches and Silicon Valley.

  • Pee Wee Golf

    Pee Wee Golf

    Guerneville, California

    The 36-hole course opened in 1948 may be the birthplace of Odd Golf Sculpture. Restored in 2010.

  • Big Mike the Muffler Man

    Big Mike the Muffler Man

    Hayward, California

    1960s vintage fiberglass Paul Bunyan statue spent career standing in front of Hayward businesses before finding a home at a local plastics fabrication business.

  • Museum of Death

    Museum of Death

    Hollywood, California

    Grisly romp through funeral customs, celebrity murders, freak animals, and art of the condemned.

  • Big Doughnut, the Donut Hole

    Big Doughnut, the Donut Hole

    La Puente, California

    A doughnut shop sandwiched between two giant doughnuts is the very definition of the drive-thru attraction.

  • Velveteria: Museum of Velvet Paintings

    Velveteria: Museum of Velvet Paintings

    Los Angeles, California

    Caren and Carl share their unmatched collection of naked ladies, unicorns, African-Americans in love. Black light room!

  • Columbia, Challenger, and Criswell in Valhalla

    Columbia, Challenger, and Criswell in Valhalla

    North Hollywood, California

    Valhalla Memorial Park contains the Portal of the Folded Wing, a space shuttle replica, and the earthly remains of the Amazing Criswell.

  • Magic Bus

    Magic Bus

    San Francisco, California

    Trippy tour of the Summer of Love using an old bus and 21st century tech.

  • Olympic Black Power Statue

    Olympic Black Power Statue

    San Jose, California

    Picture 1968, Mexico City Olympics, The Star Spangled Banner. Black Power salute in silent protest. The two athletes are honored with a big statue.

  • Santa Cruz Mystery Spot

    Santa Cruz Mystery Spot

    Santa Cruz, California

    Gravity misbehaves, but tour guides help visitors navigate the cockeyed hill.

  • Office Shaped Like Bulldozer

    Office Shaped Like Bulldozer

    Turlock, California

    People rent and sell bulldozers inside this building shaped like a bulldozer.

  • Old Trapper's Lodge Statues

    Old Trapper's Lodge Statues

    Woodland Hills, California

    Mysterious folk art environment, statues built by John Ehn, "The Old Trapper."

  • Richard Nixon Museum and Birthplace

    Richard Nixon Museum and Birthplace

    Yorba Linda, California

    Dive into the murky pool of Nixonabilia: see his birth home, helicopter, political ascent, downfall, and a rock shaped like his head.

  • The Coolie - Ken Fox Statue

    The Coolie - Ken Fox Statue

    Auburn, California

    Dentist Ken Fox sculpted this large statue of a Chinese laborer.

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